Ryan French, Camp Director
PO Box 95, New York, NY 10028
Phone (212) 737-8258
Fax (917) 591-1757

General Responsibilities:
To supervise all aspects of the pool and camp’s aquatics program, and help maintain safety standards according to DOH policy.
Ratio: 1 aquatics director for the entire summer
Qualifications and Certifications:
✴ 18 years of age and High school graduate.
✴ Minimum 1 season experience with pool supervision and activities.
✴ Current and NY state accepted CPR certificate (ARC) and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer (ARC) or equivalent.
✴ Preferred if certified as Progressive Swimming Instructor. (WSI)
✴ Qualified Lifeguard according to NY State Code) -> ARC Lifeguard or Equivalent.
Responsible to: Camp Directors
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Adhere to the policies set forth by New York State and Camp Shiloh as stated in the manual and materials given or revisions thereafter.
2. Supervise/perform the necessary camper swim testing at the beginning of each new session, prior to any camper swimming.
3. Adequate supervision to ensure injury and emergency procedures are handled according to standards.
4. Provide supervision of assigned pool area, staff, and its occupants; ensure gate is locked at all times when pool is not in use and under supervision.
5. Lead staff member for daily swim classes.
6. Handle pool area emergencies and injuries, including emergency preparations.
7. Ensure camp’s daily water testing is completed daily according to NY State Code.
8. Report incidents that are required by the local health department code within 24 hours.
9. Report any discipline problems to the Youth Counseling Coordinators.
10. Teach/facilitate daily Cross Training class.
11. Effectively mentor and teach a Counselor In Training (CIT) as they serve as the aquatics assistant.
12. Assist other support staff as requested with major camp tasks.
Work Conditions:
Must have the physical ability to lead and participate in camp activities which include, but are not limited to, hiking, swimming, team building initiatives, building campfires, physical games, and activities.
Must be capable of carrying loads of up to 90 pounds and able to traverse hilly and uneven terrain without undue exertion.
Work in conditions that will create dirt and dust.
Perform essential program support to camp activities and programs which may include, but not limited to the following activities: semi – reaching to full-reach overhead, crouching, kneeling, shoveling, working in narrow and/or confining spaces underground, overhead, and at ground level, twisting of the waist, shoulders, and legs, and lying on stomach and/or back.
Must have the ability to physically manage and support children when needed for safety in general camp activities (child weighing 50 - 200 pounds).
Ability to perform a variety of tasks outdoor in different climate.

Stipend: $1000—$1,200 depending experience

Shiloh is an equal opportunity employer