Ryan French, Camp Director
PO Box 95, New York, NY 10028
Phone (212) 737-8258
Fax (917) 591-1757

General Responsibilities:
Handle certain aspects of camper counseling related to conduct or conflict issues. Work with counseling and program staff to ensure the appropriate process is in place to identify and take action on necessary disciplinary issues.
Ratio: 2 Head Counselors (1 male / 1 female)
Qualifications and Certifications:
• At least 21 years of age, junior college level or higher.
• Strong leadership and organization skills.
• Extensive experience working with children from underserved communities.
• Excellent communication and listening skills.
• A constant encourager and role model for staff and campers, exhibiting a calm, Christian manner in the midst of camper or staff conflict.
• Willing to work as a team member, ask for help, as well as follow and give directions.
• Able to supervise, relate to, and interact with youth and other staff members of varying ages and abilities in a positive manner.
• Hold (or be willing to acquire) CPR, AED, and First Aid license.
• Leadership experience at residential summer camp or similar environment. Previous experience with Shiloh Ministries is preferred.
Responsible to: Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Adhere to the policies set forth by New York State and Camp Shiloh as stated in the manual and materials given or revisions thereafter.
2. Attend all training and staff meetings as assigned.
3. Planning and coordination of weekly staff devotionals.
4. Notify Camp Director or Assistant Director of any campers who are subject to being dismissed from camp along with the supporting reasons. Work with Camp Directors should the issue progress further, requiring the camper to be sent home.
5. Immediately speak with the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director if child abuse is reported or suspected.
6. Maintain written documents on all discipline issues brought to the Head Counselor and submit copies to the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director.
7. Arrive to the Celebration Center early for meal times to help supervise campers.
8. Assist with cleaning the Celebration Center after breakfast.
9. Lead staff Huddle Ups and Teach/facilitate daily Bible class and Close Encounters.
10. Be available during rest time to assist counselors and campers if needed.
11. Present for Celebration, Snack, boys/girls activity, boys/girls swim, evening activity (assist activities director if needed), Camper Huddle Downs, and supervise boys/girls cabins until lights out.

Shiloh is an equal opportunity employer