Together we mend the gap. 

What is the enrichment gap? How does ShilohNYC mend the gap?

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The impact of your gift:

$2000: Gives a full cabin of kids access to camp

$1500: Sends teens upstate for weekend retreats

$450: Gets teens a month of rides to HiDef for mentoring

$125: Feeds HiDef teens & volunteers a weekly meal

$35: Provides activity classes & lessons to each camper

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THE impact of enrichment

In the Bronx 2 of every 5 children live below the poverty line, many are behind academically and will remain behind as they apply for university and college opportunities because of the lack of enrichment opportunities for them at school, home, and in their communities.

Higher income families have more time and money for enrichment programs, hobbies, mentors, tutors and cross-cultural experiences.

Research shows that enrichment impacts the achievement gap between low and high income families.

Low income students are as capable, smart and resilient as their peers, but often lack the support and skills that come from being exposed to a variety of enrichment opportunities.

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the impact of ShilohNYC

Shiloh’s investment in our teens considers each young person as a whole.

Our teens are given mentors, life skill trainings, cross-cultural experiences, tutors, resource connections and a scholarship to pay for their college books.

Imagine doing all of the work to apply for college, financial aid and scholarships, and not being able to buy the books needed for class.

ShilohNYC knows the power of a safety net for college students, and together with our supporters we mend the gap to shape a future in America where every student, from every background, has an equal opportunity to achieve.