Throughout the course of the year many groups and individuals dedicate their time and experience to helping Shiloh in it's service to the disadvantaged youth of NYC. These partnerships are essential to Shiloh's success and it's ability to continue to provide a place where these youth can be nutured, loved and equipped with tools that build hope.

Groups of university students travel to NYC during their winter and spring breaks to tutor children at one of three inner city schools in the Bronx, giving an extra “push” to be ready for city and state tests, and a little extra attention to students who are struggling to learn. Children in third, fourth, and fifth grades are matched with a college volunteer who works one-on-one with them during their daily class schedule, including recess and lunch, as well as observing and assisting the entire classroom as needed. These college volunteers also offer much needed support to the teachers by providing more than 3,500 service hours each year.

Before camp begins every year we have experienced and professional volunteers from all over the country that dedicate their time to preparing the camp grounds, cooking for volunteers, restoring old facilities and constructing new ones to expand the quality and experience of camp. These groups of individuals give their time, resource and experience consistently every year to transforming our camp grounds into place that offers comfort and peace to all the kids that come.

Each session of camp offers the opportunity for churches that have an interest in participating in a summer mission effort with their youth group to come and serve along side our staff. Youth groups spend their respective session of camp fully immersed into the camp community through working directly with cabins, helping with work projects and assisting our staff in conducting the day to day functions of camp.

Each week youth ages 13 -18 meet weekly and learn what it means to “See God Clearly.” Teens are paired with Christian volunteer mentors to participate in lessons centered on values and principles drawn from God’s Word, coupled with present day applications designed to help these youth deal with the daily challenges they face.