2016 Alumni Reunion Recap

The Shiloh 65th reunion in July was a spectacular weekend as Shiloh Alumni and families gathered to play and reflect on the deep love that remains for Shiloh and the community God brings together through this ministry. The merry go round continued to bring joy ~ while alumni's children played their parents/former staff laughed about "previous" memories at that same spot. Pirate night and fireworks, followed by a late night campfire were favorites along with Celebration Saturday and Sunday (thanks to Ryan and Georgie!) Jane Richardson shared the latest on "Shiloh Voices" capturing the history of Shiloh back to the 1950s, followed by a walk through of camp to see a decade or two later the refresh that has taken place to the physical property. Ray Newton shared his personal story as a camper almost 50 years ago, and several alumni staff were able to reflect with alumni campers from the late 90's! Regardless of years passed, the experiences shared from decades ago remain vibrant and meaningful. The friendships and love for the Shiloh community have only grown richer while also taking root in so many beautiful ways into communities where Shiloh's alumni now live. Watching God work in and through the lives of His children brings much joy and healing, but most importantly, Hope. 

Thank you to those who planned your vacations and time off to make sure you could join us as we loved seeing you and meeting your families. Thank you to Alison Koczanski for helping organize as the Alumni Chairman, to Jeff Parkinson along with Bethany and Matthew Vaughn who helped prepare amazing food to feed everyone, and the current staff who so graciously gave up their cabin spaces so many of the alumni could stay at camp. Don't miss our next one ~ mark your calendars for 2021!